How was our summer?


Dear friends,

summer is almost over and we would like to share some news. There will be really great ones and also a few slightly worse. We might have been less visible during summer – preparing the autumn news very intensely. The biggest one being the long anticipated newborn carrier whose introduction is just about to happen! All things come to those who wait – and you know that with our brand, waiting is always worth it :)

The cold autumn days are getting closer and to keep you warm, we have prepared a second surprise – our own babywearing hoodies! We have been working hard on this one – with a unique functional material and cut, there is really much to look forward to. 

Good news about our wraps and carriers reached far behind the Morava River, thus we have decided to make shopping in our e-shop more comfortable for our Czech customers. For some time now you can choose a Czech language, pay in Czech Korunas with COD payment or return the goods to a Czech address if needed. And for more convenient payment in our e-shop we have added an Apple Pay and Google Pay method – available for all, of course :)


Safety of our wraps and carriers is our top priority – thus we have once again sent the fabric all our wraps and carriers are made of to the Research Institute for Man-Made Fibres in Svit and have it tested according to the strictest safety regulations for fabrics for children under 3 years of age. The results were clear – just like previously, our fabric is perfectly safe. Seeing that our product family has grown by one member – the newborn carrier – it had to undergo mechanical and chemical safety and flammability tests. Naturally, it passed with flying colours. And even though our law does not require such tests and many producers ignore them, we would never put our carrier on sale without being perfectly sure about the safety and functionality of our product. 

This summer somehow belonged to the introduction of our Smart Fashion collection. To be frank, we were really nervous about it – and your enthusiasm and interest was shocking and stunning at the same time. The dresses were sold out in minutes! Thank you so much! We have taken this lesson and definitely plan to make more of them :)

Autumn wraps and carriers are on their way too – more beautiful than ever!

We also promised the not so good news, so let’s get to it. Our carriers are sewn in professional workshop that is skilled and technically equipped for the most detailed sewing operations; and also full of skilled and experienced workers. We are using solely European components that meet all safety criteria. This all adds to the fact that the level of complaints related to manufacturing errors is under 0,5%. It is also why our production costs regularly grow; seeing that we refuse to move our production to China, India, Turkey or Poland, we have decided to increase the price of the carrier by 5 euros. From 15th September the all-cotton Sestrice Carrier will cost 170€ and Sestrice Carrier PLUS 174€. If you are deciding right now which design to choose, you still have a chance to buy it at the original price. 
We believe you will understand our decision and when looking at your carrier, you will see all those talented and skilled people who made it happen and were fairly paid for their work. 

Besides all this we will have two first graders this year and two Sestrice children starting in nurseries – and hopefully many lovely autumn days :)

Have a nice time and enjoy the last warm days,

Yours Sestrice