Sestrice Smart Hoodie – How our babywearing hoodie was born

We had been thinking about our own babywearing hoodie collection for a very long time, but there was never enough space to make it real. When Janka joined our team with a vision of new projects, we knew it was the best that could happen to us!

We started brainstorming and talking about babywearing clothes – what we like about them, what we miss, what could possibly be done better; and how to put it together into something really special. We started to experiment with cuts, accessories and materials. There was this moment when we stopped and realized we didn’t want to make just another pretty hoodie – our hoodie just had to be something ELSE. The best hoodie we could design – whether material, or cut-wise. And so we got to see an Italian producer of functional materials for the most vibrant outdoor brands and tested those we liked the most. When the final decision was made, our Sestrice hoodie was born – lightweight and super warm jacket made of Tecnowool material from Italian producer Pontetorto who is a leader and a pioneer in production of functional and sustainable materials.

Tecnowool is a hybrid material that combines the best of both – the very soft Tecnopile fleece covers the inner side of the hoodie and while perfect for sensitive skin it is also moisture-wicking – quickly moving sweat to the fabric's outer surface made of rapidly-drying merino wool. This combination provides the hoodie with the best thermoregulatory properties; and thanks to elastane it is very flexible and comfortable when moving around.

Its cut is a little bit different from your everyday babywearing hoodies – no removable insert, with two complementary zippers instead, enabling you to switch between babywearing and regular hoodie super-fast, without losing the insert ever again! Can be used for front and back babywearing and during pregnancy as well. Extended cut and raglan sleeves with a same-material long cuffs nicely fit tall people as well. The hoodie has a larger hood and an asymmetrical overlapping collar you wish to snuggle deep into. It comes with a Tecnowool neckerchief for additional protection in winter. The final touches for its minimalistic design are made of vegan leather, woven laces and YKK zippers.

This hoodie stays with you long after your babywearing days are over. So comfortable you'll never want to take it off! Lightweight and warm, perfect for spring, autumn and mild winter as well – your partner for hiking and nature walks, yet classy enough for your fashion heart!