Roosters on Holiday

Back in the summer we had an idea to let our Roosters wander across the Slovakia. In the Facebook group Nosíme naše detí, we asked if anyone would be interested to host our Roosters and show them different places in Slovakia. The demand exceeded our expectations and so the Emerald and Linen Roosters started their road trip.

First stop was in Nitra where Lucka and Zorka arranged different action for each day. Sightseeing in the city, trip to the ancient church in Dražovce or the crazy birthday party. Eventually Lucka managed to make her first back carry.


Next week the Roosters flew east and landed in Prešov with Tatiana a little David. They took them to meet another moms from a babywearing support group. And among other things they showed them a magic place in the Čergov mountains. Can you feel the summer breeze with a scent of meadow in blossom?

Third host was Lucia from Prievidza. By the way the folk ornament which was the inspiration for the Rooster design originates from this area. Lucia went with the Roosters for a walk in Cígeľ, met another moms and took a trip to see wooden chalets in Čičmany.

Next week Roosters spent in Rožňava with Evka and Peťko. They visited Betliar and Aggtelek in Hungary. Evka appreciated the wrap with linen blend which was able to take care of her restless Peťko and the carrying was comfortable for both of them. 

The last stop was in the royal city of Trnava. The Roosters helped here with painfully growing teeth of little Natália. Mom Evka could carry her, visit the city, walk in the parks and enjoy the time spent together.

We believe every mom carries her baby in the wrap with love and maybe this love can be  saved in the wrap. Therefore we are glad that the Roosters were allowed to meet you - moms - and they will keep your lovely memories of the summer holiday.

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