International Babywearing week

International Babywearing Week 2015 is over! It was exhausting and exciting at the same time. We will be feeling the glow of meeting so many lovely people for a long time to come. Thank you ☺

IBW 2015 started on Sunday with the Babywearing Parents’ March in Bratislava’s Old Town. We put all the new wraps in our lovely new trolley and set out to meet all the babywearing folk! They liked our wraps so much that many more ended up finishing the march in our baby wraps than started! The turnout at this march was fantastic and we believe that we also did our part in raising the awarness of babywearing.

On Monday morning, we loaded our car with the kids, baby wraps and the lovely trolley and hit the road towards Zilina. Despite the rotten weather we were welcomed by a bunch of local mums who were curious about Sestrice wraps. We talked a lot, wrapped a lot and answered a lot of questions about the differences in the wraps and their characteristics. The morning finished off with a happy dancing class for the babywearing mums and we were soon on the road again...


Monday was a busy day as we headed for the afternoon in our hometown, Partizanske. IBW was celebrated here for the first time ever but we were pleasently surprised by the workshop turnout. There were experienced wearers but also total babywearing newbees.

We spent Tuesday in Partizanske as well, among other things visiting the local television channel where we talked about our brand and the different characteristics of different materials for our wraps.

On Wednesday we headed to Levice where we took part in the babyearing march through their picturesque town. The march finished in the town park where we chatted and enjoyed ourselves until late. Mums who came to the march had a chance to try on our wraps and we happily answered all their queries and questions. Levice town pleasantly surprised us with the amount of babywearing parents and the positive reactions of on-lookers!

We also visited a lovely launch of a beautiful and, more importantly, useful e-book about babywearing by the skillful Andrea Kvintova.

Our hightlight of International Babywearing Week 2015 was on Friday when we took part in the First Babywearing Fans Festival in Bratislava where we proudly presented the Sestrice brand in our shiny little stall. All day long, we spoke to mums about babywearing, about wraps and their manufacturing and our experiences so far. Also our photobooth with our wraps and funny speech bubbles generated a lot of interest! It was the most exhilirating but also the most exhuausting day of the week. Nonetheless, we enjoyed it immensly and we thank all of you who stopped by :) 

If you'd like to have a look at the festival, watch our time-lapse video. We sincerely hope that next year there will be more of us and we roll it out in even bigger style!!