Sestrice Slncia (Review)


Review Sestrice Slncia by Adriana Kráľová - sprievodkyňa materstvom

Finally, I can introduce it to you. Sestrice Slncia. When it arrived, I expected that it will be great, but I did not expect the world-class quality! Sestrice didn’t disappoint me and when I started wrapping Gabriel, it was like a dream! I still can’t understand how can a cotton wrap be this awesome. First impression: heavenly softness; second impression: oh, it is stretchy; third impression: oh, it's beautiful! Pictures speak for themselves. I have tried a lot of wraps, but this one is a gem. I give it the highest rating. It is perfect for a newborn, and an older child as well. It keeps the big Miss Sofia in absolut comfort.. This wrap gives perfect support to your child, both small and toddler. The pattern is beautiful and the cream white color provides the luxurious feeling. I love silk and I still can’t get it, this cotton wrap was great in hot weather as well and Gabriel is enjoying it very often.







Photo: Ján Vereš a Adriana Kráľová