Slncia Lavender (Review)

 Review by Tatiana Nováková

Beautiful, soft, comfortable and easy to maintain... it's the new Slncia Lavender! I was totally blown away when I first touched it and felt how amazingly soft it was. Combed cotton is just perfect! If you like to touch nice things, you will love it - it is so yummy!

Slncia Lavender 1
I was wondering what it'd feel like to wrap with it, and I was not disappointed. Effortless tightening will make this wrap comfortable also for beginners - for them this wrap is certainly very well suited. I have been recommending Indio or Ellevill to newbies so far, but having tried new Slncia, I will switch to this one without any doubts.

Slncia Lavender 2
However, this wrap can handle a toddler too, at least in a multi layer carry. My little one is 16 months old and weighs about 10 kg. I used a FWCC, without spread cross passes, and it was just perfect. DH with this wrap is like clouds on shoulders. I am sure everybody who decides to buy a new Slncia Lavender will surely be as happy as I am.

Photography by Braňo Novák

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