Sestrice Slncia Merino & Silk Blue Dusk (Review)

Review by Eleonora Kanasova - babywearing consultant and author of first Slovak handwoven babywraps ELKA

Blend: 68% combed cotton, 22% super fine merino, 10% shappe silk

There no need to introduce the brand Sestrice in our neighbourhood. Everybody knows it and many of us yearn for its Suns or Roosters. Until now we could see only wraps made of cotton or linen. But now a wrap comes which is made of three blends - cotton, merino and silk. And to make it even more unusual the design offers eye pleasing gradient of blue colors. In the matter of fact you can choose depending on your mood :)

Sometimes you can wear the darker side up, sometimes the lighter side. But lets have a look how does it feel when wear this wrap. This time there were no big surprises for me :) I can say this wrap have met all my expectations. Yes, it’s soft, nice and it will be easy to break in.

When you touch it , it’s really soft and smooth but if you have wool allergy or you skin is sensitive to wool you should reconsider buying this merino wrap. If you have no problem with the wool this wrap will be like smooth and nice caress for you. 
The weaving density is high and you can see the wrap is not the lightest. But it is definitely not a rug or a heavyweight. In the contrary I would not be afraid to recommend this wrap to a mom of smaller kid - not exactly a newborn but a small kid could be carried very comfortably.

The weight on the shoulders is nicely distributed. I carried a big baby (12+ kg) for several hours and nothing dragged me nor hurted me. It is really easy to tie this wrap thanks to its slipping. There is no problem to tighten it. However I recommend to tie a double tie because of the slipping the simple tie was loosing a bit. I have tied the classic double tie as recommended by the producers.

What bothered me most was the weather. I could make outdoor pictures because in Slovakia the weather is awful and you would see anything under my jacket. That is why only indoor pictures are attached.

I truly enjoyed the testing time and the wrap was really tested since I had two sick children. I can praise that the wrap does not rumple too much and you can just smooth with you hand. The ironing is necessary just time to time definitely not everyday.

Merino wool and silk are suitable for summer and winter as well and I could wear my baby in this wrap all year around.

The wrap has good and bad side. You may wonder why because the design is not up-side-down on the back side. It is recommended tough to iron the silk on the backside.:)

The wrap is 70 cm wide and I liked it. Not too wide, not too narrow, the exact golden ratio. If I calculated it correctly, the weaving density would be 345 g/m2.

Well, when you hold the wrap it is heavy but it is really easy to tie and you will handle it effortlessly.I am not sensitive to the wool and was touching the wrap with my face and I felt no scratching or discomfort.I can only recommend this wrap for carrying small and bigger children as well.
That’s all from me I wish you sunny day and let your little sunshine always be smiling:)