Had an accident?

Wraps with more gliding blends not only come with special features you love them for – they also need a bit more demanding care. Under a certain treatment, the threads the wrap is made of can slip in a way it makes a visual damage. This can also happen to softer wraps that are more “loosely” woven.

We have prepared several videos to show you what it looks like and what to do with it:

When you hold the wrap during its regular use and twitch it, the blue warp yarns stay in place.

However, when the pressure is concentrated on one spot – acting only on a few threads (e.g. by firmly holding the place with your fingertips) – the warp yarns are under great force at this point and combined with a twitch it makes the blue warp yarn move along the wool-silk yarns. This slipperiness is natural for this kind of yarns; it actually helps you to work with the wrap more easily compared to an all-cotton wrap of the same density. 

The shifted warp threads can be moved back when you rub the fabric simultaneously from both sides in the opposite direction of their unwanted shift. Connect the index finger with your thumb on as large area as possible, grab the wrap between your fingers and after caressing the wrap a bit, the threads will move back to their original place. 

The warp threads can be moved away from each other by force when you grab the yarns and pull them apart. The same move (using your thumb and the index finger) can be used to fix the wrap. This can happen anytime the wrap is accidentally hanged on a hook, a door handle or similar object.

We hope these instructions will help you to take a better and easier care of your wraps.