6 reasons why we wear our babies?

  1. Close enough for kisses


We can easily hug and kiss our babies all the time:) 
  1. Road is not suitable for pushchair? No problem!


Hiking in the woods or just enjoying romantic walk in historical downtown - we can do both hand in hand with our partners and babies in the wrap:)
  1. Toddlers can’t run away


For parents' mental health it is sometimes inevitable to be able to get somewhere without constantly running after kids.ťa. 
  1. Helps to survive the sickness or teething


With baby wrapped close to the body, it is much easier to get through the sickness, fever or teething. Kids get calmer thanks to the close physical contact with the parents.
  1. Two free hands


We can do anything we want! Make ourselves a breakfast, clean the teeth or brush the hair. What a luxury for a parent!
  1. It's an addiction


Believe it or not, we have got addicted to the oxytocin that flows through the body when wearing our little ones:)