What is the carrying capacity of our wraps?

We are often asked what is the carrying capacity of our wraps, therefore we have put together a little explanation that might help.

It's very individual for each of us. As someone as is able to go on a hike with a backpack full of clothes and even food for one's partner, somebody else only takes the most important things, because he knows that with a full backpack he would not feel comfortable. It depends on our body type, whether we exercise, whether we have a stronger back, whether we are used to a higher load.

What is comfortable for someone while carrying 10kg child, may not be okay for someone else.
heavy weight baby wrap Sestrice

Every person has different style of wrapping. With technically good wrap job the weight of our baby will be better distributed over the entire width of the wrap. We will not feel only the edges on our shoulder or on your back. So the bigger the baby and the higher the weight, the more comfortable feel we can achieve with a really precise wrap job.

The customers often make their purchase decision in relation to the weaving density. They assume the higher the density means more comfortable carrying. But the density is just a mathematically calculated number that tolerates possible variations. Yarn itself has a certain tolerance, which is affected by the humidity during the processing or the storage. For instance, the yarn may be more dried due to humidity and therefore thinner than calculated ideal thickness. The weaving machine also works with a tolerance within established ISO standards. This all means that the weaving density of two similar wraps can differ up to 10%. When purchasing you should consider the weaving density only as a guideline that offers small variations.

We prefer the usage of „the comfortability“ rather than „ the carrying capacity“. The comfortability is influenced by many factors and the density is only one of them. We also consider the weave, yarn thickness, blend...etc. You would also find much more other variables that affects comfortability. For instance, we you are feeling positive, your body is full of endorphins, every wrap is more comfortable <3

We wish you a pleasant carrying experience in any wrap or carrier  <3 And don't forget to follow us on Instagram ;)

PS: But not to forget to answer the question about the carrying capacity. We have run some tests in a special lab and the result is – our thinnest cotton wrap Slncia can carry up to 16 adult people weighing on average 70 kg before tearing apart. So you really don’t need to worry about its carrying capacity.