Folk Ice Mint - Airy triweave (Review)


We have been working on something new since last summer – a new weave! Dozens of experiments and we finally have it! Let us introduce „Airy Triweave“:) Small tubes in the structure ensure it is fluffy, stretchy and strong at the same time. Perfect for picky shoulders. The babywrap is so soft from the beginning so it is suitable for newborn and also for toddlers.

„Stretchy, mouldable, strong enough because of the triweave. It really is airy and easy to work with. Will be comfortable also for the most picky shoulders. It is smooth, but wrap job stood in place with a singleknot. Airy triweave is heavyweight wrap and it will be great also for toddlers and experienced wrappers.“

Browse our wraps and tie the Airy Triweave for your own.

Review by Júlia Handlovičová

Photography by Fotoateliér Aneta Barčová