Instructions for wool (silk) blend wraps care


Wool has always been among traditional and popular woven wrap blends, yet, at the same time it is a bit feared. The main reason is a bit more difficult care as well as concern about softness and „itchiness“ of this material. However, there are various types of wool and grandma’s itchy wool sweater cannot be compared  with today’s merino. Modern merino is extra fine, suitable for small babies and will reward your tender& loving care with amazing qualities like thermoregulation, breathability, absorbency, stain resistance and self cleaning ability, which means frequent washing is not necessary. And that is definitely worth the shot! :) 

Basic rules for wool (and silk)blend wraps care can be summed up in one sentence: It is best to hand wash these wraps, in lukewarm water, avoid rough handling (rubbing, wringing), heat (direct sun, heating) and extreme temperature changes. 

Let’s do this! :) 

Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water (max 30°C) and add laundry detergent suitable for wool and silk products (without optical brighteners, softeners and enzymes).


Soak the wrap gently in the water, softly squeeze or move around so that it is completely submerged and wet. Let it sit there for few minutes (maximum 30 minutes). 


Drain the bathtub, fill it with clean water (of the same temperature) and rinse the wrap gently  several times so that there is no detergent left in it.


Gently squeeze off any excess water, it is important to avoid strong wringing, twisting and stretching the fabric, because damp wool fiber is extremely sensitive. We recommend to roll the wrap in bright towel(s) and then lay flat (dryer rack, couch or bed) to dry avoiding direct sun and heating. 


Dry wrap can be ironed on very cool setting and you can wrap it and carry right away :)

 Author: Lucia Hudáčková