You surely noticed that our wraps do not only differ in blend and weight, but we also use different weaving types. It is like alchemy and slight change in weaving can change the characteristics of the wrap more than it might seem :)

Atlas weave – unless otherwise stated, we weave our wraps with a jacquard satin weave. This is smooth, soft and slightly stretchy. The wraps feel thin in the hand. Depending on the density of the yarn used, the scarf is either thin, soft, suitable for small babies like the Slncia or the Herbs or it can be stronger and more durable for toddlers, such as Folk, Geo or Roosters.

atlas weave

Airy Tri-Weave – our first tri weave has gained great popularity. It is airy, stretchy and puffy. There are two kinds of weft around the warp. Such a wrap is pleasantly soft on the shoulders. Thanks to this "fluffiness" it acts coarser and creates a larger knot. These wraps are suitable for everyone. In this weave we currently have Folk Summer Breeze, Strawberry or Sandberg in the shop.

sestrice airy triweave

Rich Tri-weave – there are also two kinds of weft weaved into the warps. In this case, however, finer yarns are used and there is higher density of the yarns. It is less stretchy, yet very soft and pleasant on the shoulders. The parents of heavier children will appreciate it. This weave is definitely toddler worthy. Herbs Coral, Adam and Eve, Rosemary, and soon the Merlot are weaved this way :)

sestrice rich triweave

All wraps can be found in our e-shop :)