My baby wants to see more

My baby is just like any other curious creature. There always comes such a day. Sooner with some children, later with others; there are also children who never come to this phase and for the whole babywearing period they are absolutely fine with the front carry position. Don’t worry, it is not your fault – it depends on the character of the child, its curiosity and its desire to explore the world. In one moment your baby starts to lean out, turn around, almost like it wants to jump out of the wrap.

Some mothers can experience this kind of behaviour since the third month of the child’s life, when it should be able to hold its head independently. At the same time the natural processes in its brain “force” the child to a natural curiosity, thus helping its development.

Seeing that forward facing babywearing is not recommended from a physiological and psychological point of view, we recommend to wear your baby on your hip or back when it is awake and curious. These positions secure the immediate proximity of a parent and offer plenty of view to all sides.

For a hip babywearing you can either use some of the wrap carries or a Ring Sling. For a back carry a wrap is an ideal solution in this case, seeing that in a carrier you are not able to put your child as high as necessary, so the baby cannot look over your shoulder – this all is easily managed in a wrap.


Never wear your child facing out. Even when you feel that it needs to explore the world around, it is still too weak and small to face all the stimulus from the outside environment. It still needs a constant feeling of safety of the arms of its parents, eventually also immediate access to the breast.