We are out of stock!

Actually, it is much better than it sounds :)
Towards the end of the last year most of our time was consumed by packing and sending goods, which was, naturally, really amazing :) – but we did lack the time to do other important things like answering our customers. Thus, we have decided to change our logistics a little. Last week we packed all our wraps, carriers, scarves, leg warmers, mugs and backpacks and moved it to an external warehouse that is bigger, more organized, air-conditioned and insured;). This warehouse not only keeps our goods stored, but it also has people there to send it Jso from now on we can send the ordered goods every day :)
sestrice warehouse

This change also comes with different shipping company. From now on your wraps and carriers will be delivered by the DHL couriers who will announce in advance via text message and e-mail the delivery time. Smaller shipments from the Accessories section will be sent by the Slovak Post as before.

The last change relates to invoices. To help the nature a little we have decided to switch to electronic invoicing, with e-invoices being valid accounting documents. After your package is handed over to the shipping company, you will be sent an invoice to your e-mail address. If you still need a paper document, feel free to write us and we will send you the required paper-form invoice.

That is all. So shop as much as you like, we are prepared :)
sestrice unicorn