Psychologist on babywearing

I am a psychologist, professionally focusing at and working with emotional development of small children, so they can get all the important things they need the most to prosper. I educate and work with families. The most important thing that a child needs is not to be fed, to have a dry diaper or constantly new and engaging activities. The first and foremost, the very prime need that a child feels – is closeness to their mother, a strong urge to be with her, to be physically close and feel her with all their senses. The child needs to know they can rely on her, that the mother is here for them all the time, not going anywhere. Only when this condition is understood and fully experienced by the child, this can start to explore the world bit by bit, always coming back to the safe arms of their mother. To put it simply, it is very difficult for a child to advance in development when not feeling and/or being safe. A child needs continuity – for 9 months it lived inside the body of their mother and after birth it should live ON it to get used to everything this world is made of; and when the child accepts the world as a safe place, they start to explore it and leave the mother more and more.
babywearing psychology 1

It is obvious that the easiest and most natural way to keep your child close is babywearing. Thanks to babywearing, a mother can quickly and adequately react to the needs of the child and be always there for them when they need her. It is beautiful to watch how the mother and the child learn to cooperate and mother very soon learns to recognize what the child needs and adequately fill their need. The child is calmer and more content. It is not necessary to make that much effort to call the mother to come and decrypt the needs. Babywearing can be helpful in many ways, it can also be used as a therapeutic method, e.g. during a longer separation of the child. I am a mother myself, and I have carried both of my children, I am also a babywearing consultant; during my psychological work, babywearing comes as a great help, a beautiful, pleasant and a natural thing to do. I myself cannot imagine a parenthood without babywearing.
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However, it is important to know how to do it right. Today there are lots of people who devote themselves to babywearing and teaching about it. It is quite easy to find them. You need not to worry you will spoil your child when carrying them. Small children cannot be spoiled – it is just like with food, they can only accept as much love as they need. I believe you will cast aside all fears and give babywearing a try.

Mgr. Petra Hlásna