The Nosím šťastie design in a new colour!

We simply love Kristína. She is one of the few people who are genuine, truthful and…real :). We naturally won’t let her go so easily! Her own design Nosím šťastie (Carrying happiness) now comes in a new colour, chosen by Kristína! But how did this collaboration begin?

Long before the Sestrice brand was born, I (Slávka) saw Kristína (back then) Farkašová at a hospital shortly after giving birth to my first child (I have told her this story like ten times, because I think it was a destiny!). Trembling and uncertain – as new mothers are – I thought that caring for my perfectly healthy newborn was the toughest job one could ever have; while Kristína was facing unimaginable fear for her prematurely born twins and coping with real problems. She may not know, but during the first months I often thought of her and enjoyed reading her blog – since we happened to worry over similar problems and Kristína always knew how to turn the occasional mothery hopelessness into a funny story :)
sestrice pekne krásne

Later we found out that she knew about Sestrice – and even loved our work! We didn’t hesitate a second and timidly asked her for a collaboration – and were so thrilled when she said yes! It was super special because we had no idea that Kristína was about to become a mother of three and the wrap design was being made for a very special little buddy❤️ We wanted a wrap that would emphasize what babywearing means for the parent and the child – she surely gave us one! We are care-takers.

Sometimes (quite often) tired, going through sleepless nights and constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown. But at the end of the day when we finally watch those sleeping faces and our body is flooded with rosy retrospection, we simply KNOW – that this is the greatest happiness that could ever happen to us❤️

So the wrap was born – with a unique design from Kristína Tormová. It speaks clearly about what we feel when we smell the precious head of our child curled up on our chest❤️ We know that this is THE time to give our children all the love and closeness they need. A wrap or a carrier will help you to soothe your child, bring in more sleep, thus significantly helping you through the first months of parenthood. With babywearing you can (almost) live as before and the baby will simply get along.

This time we made Nosím šťastie carriers in a wonderful burgundy colour in all sizes – from Carrier ONE suitable for sweet little newborn babies to Carrier Plus that will comfortably carry even the most stubborn toddlers. Invented, designed and made with love in Slovakia.