How can babywearing help you?

For 9 months your baby was a part of your body, used to a safe, warm and bounded space, listening to the beat of your heart and being rocked by your walking. Wearing your baby in a sling is a perfect way to help them adapt to this huge and strange world. If you wish to know more, read on; or visit our e-shop now and choose a wrap for you and your baby :)

Nowadays many professionals from the fields of paediatrics, psychology and anthropology agree that the best environment for a newborn baby is the body of their parent. Thermoregulation, breathing and heartbeat – this and much more is regulated mainly by the mechanisms taking place when the baby is on the body of their caretaker. Babywearing helps to soothe the baby and get them asleep; when being carried in a sling, the baby is in the right ergonomic position, which promotes a proper and healthy psychomotor development
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Babywearing can also help you keep up your active lifestyle. Museums, art galleries, historic cities or nature trips – a wrap can get you to places where stroller fails. Wearing your child adds a whole new dimension to parenting and gives you a freedom unimaginable before. No wonder more and more parents are discovering its many benefits.

A baby wrap can help you even before your baby is born – a speciál belly wrapping technique can ease your back pain especially during the last weeks of your pregnancy.
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For a comfortable babywearing be sure to choose a wrap with the right qualities. The fabric for baby slings is woven solely for this purpose; it is firm yet diagonally stretchy, which makes it perfectly adaptable for both the bodies of the parent and the child. A baby is in a direct contact with the wrap – thus it is important to choose wraps of high quality with certified materials.
Today’s world of wraps is immensely huge – they vary in thickness, used materials, designs, colours or sizes; such vast selection can leave beginners feeling very confused. It is important to choose the right size and thickness (gsm) with regard to your size and height and the weight of your baby. Feel free to use the help of our Assistant.
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With a baby wrap you can carry your child on the front, the back or the hip – and with our  video tutorials, wrapping your newborn baby has never been easier!
A good baby wrap is the best choice for newborn babies. It perfectly adapts to their body, making them feel a little bit like in your belly and even more like in your loving arms. All our wraps are made with love and enthusiasm for you to enjoy the motherhood and parenthood to the fullest since the very first moments.