The nature-inspired Herbs design brings the healing power of herbs, paying homage to herbalism that has a long and deep tradition in Slovakia. The design thus depicts herbs that are commonly found in our nature – the healing dandelions as the panacea for all diseases; the fragrant and soothing lemon balm; the cleansing nettle and medicinal thyme; or elderberry with its magically curative properties.

Medicinal herbs and babywearing have much more in common than you might think – both are a vital part of our history and culture; both are able to heal both the body and the soul; and both bring us back to the nature we were born in. Who would not fall in love with nature walks with their children in a wrap or a carrier, as close as it can get!

Our Herbs-design baby wraps are very universal – perfectly soft from the start, with no need to be broken in; suitable for newborns, yet strong enough to carry bigger children due to their special weave; if you seek the perfect one, the Herbs wrap is your champion.

The Herbs design can be also found with the Rich Triweave weave type that is used for our toddler-proof wraps. The weave consists of yarns that are fine, but interlaced in a thick, “rich” manner. The wrap is less bouncy, but still pleasantly soft on the shoulders. The wrap makes a bigger knot. This all makes it very popular amongst parents with bigger and heavier children. The Rich Triweave Herbs are Herbs Adam, Eve, Rosemary and also the Iceberg with Tencel blend.

And the last addition to the Herbs family is a linen-blend wrap called Herbs Heritage, from our legendary Heritage collection!