Sestrice Carrier ONE Poppy Powder Pink

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You can carry your baby in Sestrice Carrier ONE right from their birth. It provides sufficient support and space for proper physiological development of the spine and hip joints of even the smallest children. Another novelty is the super soft waist belt BellySupport with a sophisticated reinforcement system for the very sensitive postpartum belly.

All parts of the Sestrice Carrier ONE were thoroughly designed to allow children to be carried in it since birth or weight around 3,5kg. Its construction can be adjusted to the width of 12cm, offering soft yet tight support for the small body of a newborn baby similarly as a wrap does. As the baby grows, so does the carrier – you can gradually adjust its size to always perfectly fit both you and your baby. The variable length of the waist belt (from 62 cm to 127 cm) with soft padding evenly distributes the weight of the child, at the same time offering support for your belly.

Sophisticated system of the ShoulderComfort shoulder straps is made of complementary components. Comfortably shaped shoulder straps are connected with magnetic buckle that makes its fastening and unfastening very easy. The connecting strap moves on the rails that evenly transfer the weight of your child.

We are fully aware that the safety and health of your children are of the highest priority, thus the carrier was made of certified materials and all its parts meet the strict European directive for soft structured carriers.

An inspiration for this design was one of the most popular folk lullabies. Seeing that babywearing is very often used when putting our children to sleep – plus we all know about the soothing effects of the poppy seeds - in combination with singing and gentle swaying, this is an unbeatable power. Let the poppies and the siskin lull your baby to sleep ❤️ Author of this design is Maria Krammer.

The Sestrice Carrier is shipped with the hood, two protective sleeves, a practical gym sack and the Instruction Booklet. Placement of the design is not same on each product.

Sestrice Carrier is made of original Sestrice wrap fabric (100% combed cotton).

You will learn how to wear it in the front and back in our video tutorials.