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From 1 February we are adjusting the prices of the carriers - Carrier and Carrier Plus sizes will cost 189€ and Carrier ONE size 209€. You can read more about it here.

The "I Carry Hapiness" Bordó carrier comes in three different sizes.

The Sestrice Carrier ONE is suitable for children from birth. Its soft waist belt with a special BellySupport system for the best care for your postpartum belly and other of its unique features are described in a separate page.

The Sestrice Carrier with stronger waist belt is a perfect choice for a little bit heavier children from three months of age and up. The Sestrice Carrier Plus is almost identical, only its construction is bigger to be able to carry children from approximately eight months and a height of 70 cm. How they differ and what they actually share can be all found in one place.

If you still hesitate which carrier to choose, try to read this simple comparison or contact us via e-mail or Messenger – we are here to help you :)

The carrier with a copyright design from Kristína Tormová. The wrap speaks of everything a mother feels when smelling the head of her child, peacefully resting on her chest ❤️.This is the moment to give your children as much contact as they need – before they run away! A baby wrap or carrier will help your baby calm down and fall asleep, while significantly making the first months of parenting much easier. Thanks to babywearing you can (almost) live your life like you did before and make your baby a part of it.

We are fully aware that the safety and health of your children are of the highest priority, thus the carriers were made of certified materials and all its parts meet the strict European directive for soft structured carriers. Sestrice carriers are made of original Sestrice wrap fabric (100% combed cotton).

Sestrice carriers are shipped with the hood, two protective sleeves, a practical gym sack and the Instruction Booklet.