Baby Wrap Forest Ebony

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The finest baby camel wool, mulberry silk and combed cotton. The camel wool is famous for its thermostatic properties which can protect and insulate from the extremely cold weather as well as keeping it cool in the hot desert. It is ethically collected not by shearing or plucking but gathered as the animal sheds its coat during the spring. This slow and humane process of obtaining the fiber makes it one of the scarcest in the world. We use only the finest and softest undercoat fibers from the baby camels. Baby camel wool carefully combined with the highest quality mulberry silk makes this wrap dreamy soft even for the people sensitive to wool. This wrap is soft enough for newborns, doesn’t need any breaking in and with its weight and tri-weave it will comfortably carry a toddler ❤️

A forest. A place where everything slows down, giving you the energy you lust for; a place where both your mind and your body can finally take a rest. From now on, when putting your baby to sleep, you can listen to hoopoes or robin singing, with a stag-beetle gently scratching your baby's back while the magic scent of lime, dog rose and shepherd's purse will protect its dreams. For all lovers of mountains, woodlands and nature, we present you - the FOREST.
This Sestrice design was created in cooperation with a young illustrator Ema Cepkova and brings something absolutely new to our portfolio.  

The yarns are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 product class 1 certified and dying process meets all safety standards required for the products used by children under three years of age as well.

The width of the wrap is 68 cm pre-wash.

Fabric composition: 76% Combed cotton, 15% mulberry silk, 9% Baby camel wool

Loomstate weight: 265 g/m2

Weave type: Airy Tri-weave

Washing: Hand wash at 30 degrees, no spinning

Drying: Lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and a source of heat

Ironing: Temperature for wool and silk, no steam