Baby Wrap "I Carry Happiness"

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The wrap with a unique copyright design from Kristína Tormová. The wrap speaks of everything a mother feels when smelling the head of her child, peacefully resting on her chest ❤️.This is the moment to give your children as much contact as they need – before they run away! A baby wrap will help your baby calm down and fall asleep, while significantly making the first months of parenting much easier. Thanks to babywearing you can (almost) live your life like you did before and make your baby a part of it.

Years of experience with yarns and production of wraps have taught us how to choose the right combination of thickness, quality, weave and picks per inch in a fabric to create the perfect characteristics for a babywearing material. THAT wrap that will make you and your baby fall in love with babywearing. The wrap “Nosím šťastie” (I Carry Happiness) is soft, pleasant, with a slight bounce to it, still supportable enough for bigger babies. A woven wrap is the best option for carrying your newborn child because it perfectly fits the little body and your back as well.

If you want to start babywearing and search for a wrap that is unique, original and luxuriously comfortable, made from local certified materials – this is THE one. Minimalistic design and a title that is just perfect-fit. Add an unisex cunning blue colour that goes well with everything – and you get THE ultimate wrap you might never want to sell because it is the one that will carry your grandchildren.

The yarns are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 product class 1 certified and dying process meets all safety standards required for the products used by children under three years of age as well.

This design is centered, so the sign will always be in the middle of the wrap.

The width of the wrap is 73 cm pre-wash.

The use of this wraps as a part of another branded product is not allowed.

Photography: @gavulka
Model: @sweet.affairs

Fabric composition: 100% Combed Cotton

Loomstate weight: 240 g/m2

Weave type: Atlas

Washing: Machine wash at 40 degrees

Drying: Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and a source of heat

Ironing: Temperature for cotton with steam