Baby Wrap Roosters Obsidian

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If you are looking for something very special and unique, this is a wrap for you. Silk is one of the finest natural materials, which has been used for thousands of years. It is cooling during hot summer days and feels like a heaven to your bare skin. It is very moldable and needs no breaking in. Suitable for all – newborn to toddler.

In the past, the rooster represented the role of protector. People believed that the rooster would protect their farm and in turn their family. The rooster was also a symbol of fertility. People would donate a rooster as a wedding gift or when a new child was born. Now our roosters can protect your children as well!

The yarns are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 product class 1 certified and dying process meets all safety standards required for the products used by children under three years of age as well.

The width of the wrap is 72 cm.

Photo: Gavulka
Place: DUBoDOM
Model: Veronka Královičová

Fabric composition: 55% Mulberry Silk, 45% Combed Cotton

Loomstate weight: 275 g/m2

Weave type: Atlas

Washing: Hand wash at 30 degrees

Drying: Lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and a source of heat

Ironing: Temperature for silk, no steam