Baby Wrap

No matter what kind of a baby carrier you choose, the most important thing when carrying your child is the very closeness itself.

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Benefits of babywearing

Carrying your child makes your parent life much easier, whether it’s a daily care, walks or getting your baby to sleep.

In close contact with their parents babies better regulate their most important body functions.

Children are also more content and cry less.

The skin on skin contact helps with breastfeeding, during illness or whatever discomfort a child might feel. 

The ergonomic position in a wrap or a soft structured carrier contributes to a healthy development of the baby’s psychomotor abilities.

Babywearing is a pure love. Nothing is more wonderful than a baby sleeping peacefully in your arms.

Baby wrap

Baby wraps are masters in adapting both to the body of the baby and the caretaker; in each developmental stage offering the right support for the back and spreading from knee to knee, thus keeping the baby in a right ergonomic position. A sling is both flexible and strong to provide the baby with security and support; yet soft enough for the child to move freely.

How to dress my child when babywearing? What mistakes should I avoid? What a psychologist says about babywearing? Read our blogs to find out!

Our Assistant will help you choose the right wrap and our detailed video tutorials will get you through the wrapping technique.

And the carrier?


When choosing a soft structured carrier for a newborn, it is important to pick one designed for such a small baby. This blog thoroughly explains what it means.

With all that in mind, our newborn Carrier ONE was designed. There is no infant insert and the smallest width of the seat starts at 12cm (and grows with your baby). A very soft waist belt with the BellySupport construction supports the postpartum belly. The carrier can be comfortably used from birth to 1,5 - 2 years according to the size of your child. More about its super features can be found here.

If you seek a soft structured carrier for a bigger child, take a look at this Sestrice Carrier comparison.

And the baby wrap?

So, who’s the winner?

If you are looking for a newborn carrier, we have always preferred a baby wrap as it fits perfectly both the caretaker and the baby. If you choose to pick a soft structured carrier, choose such that serves the needs of your little one.

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