Babywearing questions

When you decide to wear your baby, you will find yourself in many different situations. We have prepared answers for the most frequently asked questions you might be interested in. If you still have anything that worries you, do not hesitate to write us at where we love to answer you.

How to dress your child when babywearing?

Nowadays there are many tweaks for dressing up children during babywearing – from functional clothing and various limb protectors to babywearing clothes for parents that also serve the children. When choosing what to wear, the most important thing to keep in mind is the comfort of both the parent and the child. More tips can be found in our blog.

My child is curious and wants to see more

Definitely avoid babywearing with your child facing out. Even when the baby feels like it needs to explore the world around, it is still too weak and small to face the sensory-overloading environment alone. It still strongly needs the safe feeling of parents’ arms. How to solve this situation? Read here.

Why does my baby cry when I babywear?

Children cry because of many different reasons. When they cry or struggle during wrapping or putting into a carrier, it does not automatically mean that the problem lies in the babywearing aid. They just might feel a discomfort during that moment or be hurt by something.
Children are “used to” be carried seeing that you “wore” them during the whole pregnancy, naturally. The basis of babywearing lies in contact that is needed and demanded by babies. Carriers and wraps are just aids that help to fulfill these basic needs while the parent can keep on doing any regular common activities.
You might try to spot the signals that lead your baby to crying, thus showing it dislikes something. Here you can read about the many reasons for its discomfort

Why should I carry my baby vertically?

It is absolutely natural to continue in development that has already begun (in this case in uterus) and not to disturb it manually (by straightening). You can read about the three body parts that are affected by vertical babywearing.

The horizontal position. Is it okay?

The lateral or the so called cradle position was widely used before, seeing that it was very popular to carry babies in position of a “ball” assuming that this way parents simulate the position it was in in uterus. You can read here why this isn´t so.

Why is my baby leaning?

The most common reason for little or bigger leaners is their curiosity and desire to explore their environment. You can encounter this kind of behavior quite early, since third month of their lives, a time when children should be able to hold their head quite securely. At the same time processes in their brain drive them to a natural curiosity and thus help its development. You can read this blog to find out how to help the babies during this period of their lives.