Carrier maintenance and care

Before first use

We recommend washing the carrier before first use not only for hygienic purpose but also for functional one – during the first wash, the fabric shrinks a bit and firmly embraces the foam filling in waist belt and shoulder straps.

Wash the carrier separately or with clothes of similar colours, as the dyeing process for our fabric is very soft, so the carrier can be suitable for children. Therefore, excess dye may wash out of it during the first washes.

Washing the carrier

Loosen all the straps so the back panel is at its maximum height and width. Then fasten all the buckles. Use a liquid washing detergent with no optical brighteners and bleach. Do not use fabric softener that could encapsulate the fibres and cause unwanted slipping of the material.

Washing in a washing machine

You can put the carrier in a mesh wash bag or a pillowcase. Wash the carrier on delicate or hand wash programme at 40 °C, low spin (preferably 600). New-generation washing machines with sensor for even distribution of washing load can lead to carrier being soaking wet. If this happens, we recommend you add some towels of similar colour and repeat the rinse and spin programme. In case of hard water, we recommend to add a bit of vinegar in the fabric softener compartment.

Hand wash

Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water (max 40°C) and add suitable laundry. Soak the carrier gently in the water, softly squeeze or move around so that it is completely submerged and wet. Let it sit there for few minutes. Drain the bathtub, fill it with clean water and rinse the carrier gently several times so that there is no detergent left in it. Gently squeeze off any excess water, it is important to avoid wringing and twisting. We recommend to roll the carrier in light towel(s), so it absorbs the water.

Drying tips

Let the carrier dry laying flat or hanging on a clothes hanger, avoid direct sunlight and source of heat. Do not tumble dry the carrier – you could damage the foam fillings and synthetic straps.


It is not necessary to iron the carrier, it will flatten by babywearing, however – if you choose to iron it, avoid foam fillings, straps, snaps and buckles


You can either hang the carrier on a clothes hanger or pack it according to this video.