Since the beginning of our business we have created more than hundred combinations of colours, blends and designs. This gallery contains not only wraps we currently offer but also all limited editions from the past. We constantly come with new designs, so the gallery will be continually updated :)
Regularly repeating geometric shapes united in one whole create a very interesting, illusional-like structure, making this carrier a timeless urban minimalist. The carrier Kaleidoscope makes the perfect babywearing piece that is not only practical and comfortable, but also stylish and effortlessly chic.
"I Carry Happiness"
The wrap with a unique copyright design from Kristína Tormová. The wrap speaks of everything a mother feels when smelling the head of her child, peacefully resting on her chest ❤️. This is the moment to give your children as much contact as they need – before they run away!
An inspiration for this design was one of the most popular folk lullabies. Seeing that babywearing is very often used when putting our children to sleep – plus we all know about the soothing effects of the poppy seeds – in combination with singing and gentle swaying, this is an unbeatable power. Let the poppies and the siskin lull your baby to sleep ❤️
A forest. A place where everything slows down, giving you the energy you lust for; a place where both your mind and your body can finally take a rest. From now on, when putting your baby to sleep, you can listen to hoopoes or robin singing, with a stag-beetle gently scratching your baby's back while the magic scent of lime, dog rose and shepherd's purse will protect its dreams. For all lovers of mountains, woodlands and nature, we present you - the FOREST.

This design was created together with Jakub Liška from modranska®. It is a company focused on creating handmade pottery. In cooperation with local potters from the town of Modra and designers from all over Slovakia, they are trying to resurrect traditional shapes and patterns, as well as come up with new fresh designs and thus create original and modern ceramics respecting the traditions and beauty of old pottery from this region. 

Their most famous design has come to life in our woven fabric as Sestrice modranska.

The minimalistic geometric design is a tribute to natural beauties of our country. From the great mountain peaks of Tatras to the massive stream of Danube :)
Soothing, fragrant, refreshing, healing for your body and soul...Herbs, new design from Sestrice. Test the effects of dandelion, mother of thyme, nettle, lemon balm or elderflower and you will fall in love.
Combination of babywearing and timeless design created by award-winning textile designer Michaela Bednárová and her brand puojd. Famous Barley came to life in our newest pattern. 100% gluten-free ;)
Inspiration for this wonderful pattern was found in traditional technology of blueprint and floral ornaments. Via stylisation of various motives into a new form this captivating design was born.
The Sun symbol has always been present in the creation of our ancestors. It represents the circle of life and this symbol should protect against evil. We believe, it could also protect your little sunshines :)
In the past, the rooster represented the role of protector. People believed that the rooster would protect their farm and in turn their family. The rooster was also a symbol of fertility. People would donate a rooster as a wedding gift or when a new child was born. Now our roosters can protect your children as well!