Questions about shopping

What are the shipping costs?

Packages are sent either via GLS parcel service or Slovak Post according to its weight and country of delivery. This affects the final shipping costs. Orders over 165€ are delivered to Slovakia and Czech Republic for free.

How can I pay?

In our e-shop you can use the Visa or MasterCard and also PayPal service. You can also choose Payment on Delivery option for orders delivered to Slovakia – this service is not individually charged.

How long does delivery take?

All products that are available in our e-shop and can be moved to the cart are ready and present in our stock – we dispatch them every work day. Delivery within Slovakia and Czech Republic then takes 1-2 days and within foreign countries individually depending on the chosen country.

Do you have a store or a delivery point somewhere?

You can try or buy all our wraps and carriers in our Showroom in Bratislava.

Some of our chosen products can also be tried and bought in our befriended stores - Pajko in Prievidza, Slovenská mama in Topoľčany and Zkus nosítkoin Prague.

Vitalclinic in Bratislava and Fyziomama in Trnava offer a possibility of testing our products, as well as consultation with physiotherapists. 

Besides that you can always ask your regional babywearing group. This map will show you the list of groups that have our wraps borrowed, so you can choose the one that is nearest you.

Can you make me a wrap that is already sold out in your e-shop?

Most of our wraps are made as limited editions. Some of them are continually woven and put in stock. To make a sold-out wrap it is necessary to dye a huge amount of yarn again, weave it, etc. Thus, it is not possible to make just one wrap.
If you are interested in a wrap that is already sold-out, be sure to write us via Messenger or hello@sestrice.com and we will inform you if the chosen wrap will be made again or we will offer you alternatives.

How do you protect my privacy during shopping

We are doing the best we can :)
Everything about protection of your personal data can be found in this section.

Questions about wraps

I am pregnant (or having a new-born baby) and choosing my first wrap; I am totally lost in all the possibilities. How do I choose?

You can choose a wrap for your baby from our new-born wrap selection. We offer all-cotton and blended wraps of middle density (the weight of the wrap per square meter – 230 or 235 g/m2). They are soft after first washing and easy to work with. At the same time they are strong enough to carry a bigger and heavier child as well.
Of course, you can wrap your baby in stronger sling too, however those usually need a little “breaking in” to be easy to work with. Our Assistant will help you to choose the right size for you, or you can read more about choosing the right carrier.

What size of a wrap should I choose?

The right size of a wrap is chosen according to your clothing size. Our Assistant will help you with this!

How long are your wraps?

The following chart contains lengths of individual sizes after washing. When first washing the wrap at 40°C it shrinks approximately about 10 % depending on the blend of the material.
Size 2 3 4 5 6 7
Length 2,7 m 3,2 m 3,7 m 4,2 m 4,7 m 5,2 m

It is possible to have one universal wrap for the whole babywearing period?

Of course, it is possible to carry your baby for the whole period in just one wrap. For example an all-cotton Folk with density up to 300g/m2 might be such a wrap. Although in some moments it is going to be about compromises, you can manage it without problems.
Nevertheless, most mothers choose the thinner wraps for their new-born babies, enjoying wearing their little ones in these soft and super-easy-to-wrap-with slings, and later change their wrap for something of higher density according to their preferences.

What kind of a wrap to choose in summer?

If you search for a pure summer wrap, we recommend you try the linen, silk, bamboo or tencel blends. These are perfect in removing sweat quickly and thus creating a very pleasant climate. Merino wool blend is also suitable for summer babywearing, however it is important to choose the right wrap that is not too thick and the wool percentage in it is lower or softened by silk, tencel and other blends.
100% cotton wrap still stays the most universal option for the whole year – and also good for summer days.

What kind of a wrap to choose in winter?

The typical winter yarn is a wool. Our wraps contain the finer merino wool that is very often softened by silk, linen, tencel, and other blends. Merino wool has a great thermoregulatory properties, it can warm up but also prevents overheating and keeps the child and the parent dry.
The universal all-cotton wrap is also suitable for babywearing in winter just like for the whole year.

What is a second grade wrap?

Wraps of second grades usually contain a visual flaw, e.g. skipped yarns, several weft knots, or the weft knot situated at a visible place (in the middle of the wrap, and we did not notice during cutting but only during the final control). Of course, these wraps too can be returned unused within 14 days; more about individual flaws can be find here.

What is a wrap weave type and how it affects its characteristics?

Weave type is a way how the yarns of the warp and weft are interwoven. In most of our wraps we use the atlas weave that is smooth, shiny and pleasant to touch. If not stated otherwise, the wraps are woven by this technique. The wrap is thin in hand, has a soft bounce to it and is easy to tighten.
Besides that our offer also contains double weaves Airy Triweave and Rich Triweave. You can learn more about them in this blog.

Are your wraps safe?

wraps are solely made of yarns certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Product Class 1 and the dyeing process meets the strictest criteria for children under three years of age. The quality of our products was also proved by an independent laboratory.
The wrap is also very strong and to be torn apart it would have to be loaded with hundreds of kilograms. Thus if all babywearing safety rules are met, the wrap poses absolutely no risk to the child.

Do I have to wash the wrap before first use?

Definitely yes – by washing the wrap shrinks to its final length, the fibres fit into each other and the production process is thus completed.
Washing is also recommended because of hygiene, seeing that the wrap is finished in workshop where there is dust and the wrap then touches the face of your child that also slobbers the wrap.

How should I take care about the wrap?

Each wrap has a label with wrap care instructions situated at its inclined hem. Besides that each wrap is packed with a leaflet with detailed information about washing and care. Special attention should be focused at wraps made of sensitive materials like silk or wool.

Can I return the purchased wrap?

Of course you can. After the wrap has been delivered to you, you have 14 days to withdraw from the contract without stating reason. The detailed instructions for contract withdrawal can be found in the section Returns.

Questions about carriers

What version of the carrier should I choose?

The Carrier ONE size is suitable for the smallest children from birth, lasting comfortably until 18 months. The bigger version Carrier Plus is designed for children at least 80cm tall, which is approximately around 1 year.
Compare the measurements of each version.

My child is 77cm tall, but growing fast. Can I choose the Plus version for it?

Depends on the height of a trunk and legs length ratio of your child (the Carrier Plus was good for a 10 months old child, but at the same time did not fit another one year old child).
What is important is the distance between knee holes of a child (when being situated in a position similar to that in a carrier). The minimum for the Carrier Plus version is 35cm. If the distance between knee holes of your child is bigger, this version will suit it.

It is necessary to wash the carrier before first use?

We recommend washing your carrier before first use especially because of hygiene. When it is being manufactured, lots of dust comes in the way and children tend to “taste” the fabric instantly when being put in :)
After first home wash the carrier tends to shrink a little, however it does not affect its comfort. Before the carrier is sewed the fabric is treated and shrunk to achieve its final quality.

Can you make me a carrier from my own wrap?

Unfortunately, we do not make custom carriers from wraps – we have no capacity for it, nor any possibilities to do so. Our carriers are made of fabric specially woven and modified for this purpose and sewed in professional tailoring workshop in individual editions, while cutting the individual parts is set for a fabric of different measurements than a finished wrap has.

Questions about Sestrice

Are you really sisters?

Yes :)

How did you start making your own wraps?

At about the same time we have become mothers and started to spend time together on our maternity leaves. We found out that babywearing really helps us with the whole being-a-mom thing and wraps have become our passion. We tried various brands, types and blends. However there was no Slovak brand of woven wraps, so we decided to be the first!
After a long search we have found a weaving mill capable of weaving such material. During all those years we have learned much about weaving, yarns and weave types.
Later we started to develop a growing ergonomic carrier because the demand for carriers made of our wraps persuaded us that we want to create really comfortable, high quality and professionally made carrier that we have – according to the feedback from our customers – achieved to develop :)