How Our Wrap Is Created

Each Sestrice wrap is a unique combination of yarns, design, colour and the way the yarns are threaded. A quality babywearing wrap should be firm and diagonally stretchy at the same time, which makes them mold beautifully around babies, giving them the needed support while also beautifully adapting to the body of the babywearing parent.

Sestrice – How the wrap is born
The manufacture of a wrap starts with purchase of suitable yarns. These yarns, besides having to meet the highest criteria for safety for children under three years, also have to be of the right thickness, strength and quality to give the wrap its final look. All yarns used in our wraps come from certified European suppliers, whether it is a combed and long-fibre cotton or various blends like merino wool, linen, silk, tencel and others.

If we need to colour the yarn to a shade our supplier does not supply, we need to ask a certified dye house that will prepare coloured samples for us according to which all required yarn is then dyed. The dyeing process too is a subject to strict standards to secure that the dyed yarn does not release heavy metals or other dangerous substances.

Sestrice – How the wrap is born – Dyeing
Besides verified weaves and blends we love to experiment and create new things, combine yarns, try other types of weaves. In ideal world we would only need to create one wrap to find out if our ideas work in practice:) However, it is not always possible to get such small sample of yarn for a testing weaving and the weaving mill is also not able to set machines to weave just one wrap. Thus we often put ourselves in a risk that not always comes to our liking:)

Sestrice – How the wrap is born – Weaving
Our wraps are made on jacquard weaving machine which enables us to weave our own designs. Each of thousands of fibres of the warp is individually operated and threaded in high speed by a weft yarn.

The woven fabric then comes to our workshop where we cut it to individual sizes, add middle markers and labels. At the same time we control it and eliminate possible weaving errors. Such prepared fabric then goes to our tailors who sew the final wraps. After this comes the final control made by us and then the wraps are folded and stored until they are sent to their new homes :)

Sestrice – How the wrap is born – Shooting
The most pleasant part comes with the final photo shooting so we can present the wrap to you in its full glory:)