Your order will be processed and prepared for shipping as soon as possible, usually during 1-2 days.

The goods is shipped every day, via contracted shipping courier. When the package is despatched to the courier, you will receive an automatic e-mail with this information.

The shipping costs are not included in the price of the product and are calculated according to the Shipping rates.

After dispatching the package we will send you an e-mail with PDF invoice that serves as an accounting document and a warranty.

The shipment delivery time depends on the country of the recipient. Delivery to Slovakia and Czech Republic usually takes place during 1-3 days. Shipping to other countries takes a bit longer, however not longer than 20 days.

If you have not received the package even after 20 days, please contact us at and we will examine the possible delivery fail. Then we will do our best to solve the situation as soon as possible.

As a customer or an authorized representative you are obliged to accept the goods. Declining of accepting the goods or refusal to accept the goods shall be considered as fulfilling of our obligation to deliver the goods. If you will not accept the goods and it returns back to us, we have the right to withdraw from the contract and ask you to pay the cost of returning the goods. Resending the goods is possible only by mutual agreement.

When receiving the goods you are obliged to check the package. In case of visible damage caused by the shipment of the goods you are entitled to not accept the package.

Shipping Rates

If you order products from the section Loop scarves and Accessories, we will send them to you via Slovak Post. A wrap or a carrier will be shipped to you via GLS parcel service besides countries in the second part of the chart to which all shipments are sent via Slovak Post.

The shipping price depends on the country of the recipient and is always visible during the shopping process.

The shipping for all orders above 165€ to Slovakia and Czech Republic are free of charge.

Country Slovak Post
Shipment up to 50€
GLS courier
Shipment above 50€
Slovakia2 €3,50 €
Czech Republic 3 €5 €
Hungary4,20 €5 €
Poland4,20 €5 €
Romania4,20 €6 €
Austria4,20 €7 €
Germany4,20 €7 €
Croatia4,20 €8 €
Slovenia4,20 €8 €
Bulgaria4,20 €9 €
Italy4,20 €9 €
Estonia4,20 €9 €
Lithuania4,20 €9 €
Latvia4,20 €9 €
Netherlands4,20 €10 €
Luxembourg4,20 €10 €
Switzerland4,20 €10 €
Belgium4,20 €12 €
Lichtenstein4,20 €12 €
Denmark4,20 €13 €
Serbia6 €13 €
France4,20 €15 €
Ireland4,20 €15 €
Monaco4,20 €15 €
San Marino4,20 €15 €
Vatican City4,20 €15 €
United Kingdom4,20 €15 €
 Slovak Post
Shipment up to 50€
Slovak Post
Shipment above 50€
Andorra4,20 €15 €
Cyprus4,20 €15 €
Montenegro4,20 €15 €
Finland4,20 €15 €
Gibraltar4,20 €15 €
Greece4,20 €15 €
Greenland4,20 €15 €
Iceland4,20 €15 €
Malta4,20 €15 €
Norway4,20 €15 €
Portugal4,20 €15 €
Russia4,20 €15 €
Spain4,20 €15 €
Sweden4,20 €15 €
Ukraine4,20 €15 €
Rest of the World6 €20 €