Terms and Conditions of the e-shop www.sestrice.com

1. General Provisions

These general terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties arising from the distance contract of sale concluded between the seller and the buyer; subject of the contract is a purchase of goods through the e-shop located on the web page www.sestrice.com. Terms and Conditions are an integral part of such contract.

By submitting an order, the buyer agrees to understand the content of the Terms and Conditions and accepts it.

Before concluding the contract of sale, the Contracting Parties can agree on modification of these Terms and Conditions which guarantees the equality of the contracting parties.

The e-shop www.sestrice.com can be used by people older than 16 years only.

2. Who is Who

The seller is the e-shop operator:

Sestrice, s.r.o.
Tupolevova 4
851 01 Bratislava
Company ID: 50076701
VAT ID: SK2120165630
Company registered in the Commercial Register at the District Court Bratislava I, Sro dpt., insert no. 107831/B

(Hereinafter referred to as “Sestrice, Ltd.” or „the seller“ or „us“)

The buyer is a natural or legal person who purchases products or uses services, either as a consumer or entrepreneur.

The Supervisor is:

Slovak Trade Inspection (SOI)
Inspectorate SOI for the Bratislava Region
Prievozská 32
P. O. Box 5
820 07 Bratislava
Supervising Department
Phone no.: 02/58272 172
Fax no.: 02/58272 170

3. Privacy and Personal Data Protection and Registration

All your personal data are processed in accordance with the Act no. 18/2018 Collection of Laws on Personal Data Protection and on amendments to certain laws (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”) and in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 from 27th April 2016 (GDPR).

For the use of the website www.sestrice.com and online shopping on the website we only require the necessary personal data from you. They serve for the purpose of identification during shopping, accounting operations and sending the goods to your address.

Registration is not required for online shopping. However, if you choose to register, it will simplify filling in the data during repeat purchase.

Request for a change, transfer, limitation or erasing of your personal data can be send at any time to privacy@sestrice.com. In case of any questions regarding the privacy protection, please feel free to contact us via this same email address.

All detailed information on the protection of your privacy can be found in the part Privacy.

4. Order of Goods and Contract Conclusion

Your order is a proposal of the contract of sale and the very contract of sale is concluded at the moment of payment of the order on your part. Your order is sent by confirming the “Send” button in the third step (“The Final Summary”) of the buying process. From this moment mutual rights and obligations arise between the buyer and the seller.

An e-mail confirming acceptance of your order will be automatically sent to you. All orders accepted by our e-shop are binding. Once the purchase price has been paid, it is no longer possible to cancel your order.

We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract of sale if the ordered goods are not in stock; we also reserve the right to limit the maximum amount of purchased goods by one customer. If you have paid for the ordered goods and we are unable to deliver it, you will be promptly contacted to agree on the next steps and immediate return of money. The refund time depends on the agreed procedure but cannot exceed 14 days since the payment was done.

5. Price and Payment Method

All listed prices are final and VAT inclusive, valid at the time of the order. For orders delivered to European Union countries, VAT will be recalculated at the local rate prior to payment. Orders to be delivered outside the European Union will have the VAT deducted from the purchase and the taxation duty is passed on the customer in the country of delivery.

The final price includes the cost of the goods and the shipping costs calculated according to the value of the ordered goods and delivery address. The delivery costs are listed in the list of Shipping rates.

The payment can be done via cash on delivery, Visa and MasterCard or PayPal. More on protection of your personal data during payment can be found in the Privacy section.

After sending the goods an e-mail including an invoice in the PDF format attached to it that is considered a proper accounting document according to the §71 of the Act no. 222/2004 Collection of Laws on Accounting that also serves as a warranty. If you wish to receive a paper invoice as well, please write us at hello@sestrice.com and we will send you the required paper invoice.

6. Delivery of Goods

The ordered goods will be sent to you via Slovak Post or contracted parcel service. Delivery of goods usually takes place during 1 to 5 days since ordering the goods. The maximum amount of delivery days is 20. Our obligation to deliver your ordered goods is fulfilled as soon as the goods is handed over to the first shipping carrier.

You will be informed via e-mail about your order being handed over to the shipping carrier. If the goods are not delivered to you in 20 days after receiving our e-mail, please contact us at hello@sestrice.com. More information on goods delivery can be found in the section Shipping.

The customer acquires ownership of the goods by taking it over at the place of delivery and paying the full purchase price. By taking over the goods the customer also takes over the danger of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration.

7. Warranty

The package you receive will include an accounting document (invoice) that also serves as a warranty. The warranty period begins on the day of receiving the goods. The warranty period for all our products is 2 years. The warranty period can be extended by the time the product spent in warranty repair. If we replace your goods with a new one as a result of a claim, the warranty period begins on the day of receiving the new product.

During delivery of the goods, we are responsible for:

  • keeping the price that was valid at the time of the order
  • sending the goods with no flaws
  • delivering the goods in quality and quantity according to the order
  • enclosing the accounting document and warranty (invoice)

If you find out about one of the above points not being complied with, please notify us within 48 hours by e-mail tohello@sestrice.com. Later claims of damage or incompleteness of goods may not be recognized. We are not responsible for delayed delivery of goods caused by the shipping carrier or incorrectly stated address of the recipient or for any damage caused by the shipping carrier.

8. Cancellation of Contract

You have the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days since having delivered the goods; this withdrawal is governed by the provisions of the Act no. 102/2004 Collection of Laws.

You can withdraw from the contract in documentary form or in the form of record on another durable medium; you can also use the Withdrawal Form. Please send the withdrawal notice to the address:

Sestrice, s.r.o
Tupolevova 4
85101 Bratislava

or to our e-mail address hello@sestrice.com.

The 14-days long withdrawal period is deemed to have been complied with if the withdrawal notice is sent on the last day of this period at the latest.

Please send us the goods no later than 14 days since the withdrawal from the contract or, after previous agreement, deliver the goods personally on the address:

Sestrice, s.r.o
Tupolevova 4
85101 Bratislava

Address for returns within Czech Republic:

FHB Group s.r.o.
c/o Sestrice – 70155
Vídeňská 297/99
63900 Brno
Czech Republic

We will return your funds spent on the purchase of the goods including shipping costs paid during purchase within 14 days since receiving the notice. If you paid by credit card, we will return the money to the bank account to which the card was issued. If you paid with PayPal, we will return your money to your PayPal account. If you paid by cash on delivery, we will return your money to the bank account you will state in the withdrawal notice.

The 14 days period for return of goods does not serve as a free testing of the product. The product can only be returned unused and unwashed.

The goods reclaim costs are borne by the customer. We will not accept the goods sent via COD.

In case of corporate clients, the withdrawal from the contract is governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code.


When a fixable flaw occurs during the warranty period you have the right for free and proper repair of the flaw. In case of a flaw that cannot be fixed or in case of repeated remediable flaw (repeated more than 2-times) or in case of bigger number of various remediable flaws that prevent a proper use of the goods as goods without a flaw, the seller will deal with the claim according to your decision in various ways: exchange of goods, reasonable discount from the price of the goods or withdrawal from the contract.

Your claim can be applied at the address hello@sestrice.com. Please, always contact us first before sending us the goods for a claim. The whole procedure of sending us the goods in case of a claim can be found in the section Returns.

After receiving the goods, the claim will be settled as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days since the claimed goods was delivered to us. You will be notified of the complaint outcome immediately after the claim eligibility decision is made via e-mail or phone. The warranty does not apply to wear and tear that normally occurs during the ordinary use of the goods – including pills that naturally appear on fabrics; the warranty also does not apply to mechanical damage (such damage of the product that could not occur due to ordinary use of the product for a purpose it was made for).

In case of goods whose price was reduced due to its material flaw, the warranty does not apply to this flaw. The warranty does not apply to defect or damage that was caused by improper care (e.g. by using unsuitable detergent during washing or using inappropriate wash cycle); by damage caused by household pests like common clothes moth; by storage (long-term storage without refolding and air circulation can lead to setting of the creases that start to degrade the fabric); and by usage contrary to the purpose the goods is intended for or in contrary with instructions that are listed on the web site in the section Care and maintenance and with instructions packaged in the product shipment.

The warranty does not apply to different colour of the real product in comparison with its images used on this site, seeing that we cannot guarantee how the colours appear on your display.

The wraps and carriers are made of natural fibres that possess characteristic features. Individual fibres contain thicker and thinner parts that are created during copping; they also contain roughness and small knots that are not defined as fibre defects.

During weaving the yarn is exposed to high pressure that can cause its disruption. Professional joining of such broken yarn (the so-called yarn join) does not affect the final material properties and thus is not a reason for a claim.

In case of a bigger amount of flaws the wrap, carrier or clothes are are labelled as 2nd grade goods. The flaws due to which the product was ranked 2nd grade and whose you were informed about before concluding the contract are not a reason for a claim. Even though we use the best quality yarns available for weaving, small flaws can still occur.

The warranty does not apply to flaws that occurred after the end of the warranty period.

10. Dispute Resolution

Legal relationships between the seller and the buyer in connection with the use of an e-shop and conclusion of contractual relationship are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic.

In the event of a dispute the jurisdiction is given to the courts of the Slovak Republic.

The buyer – consumer – has a right to contact the seller for a remedy (via e-mail at hello@sestrice.com), if the buyer – consumer – is not satisfied how the claim was solved by the seller or assumes that the seller violated his/her rights.

If the seller refuses this request or does not reply within 30 days since the request was send, the consumer has a right to submit an alternative dispute solution proposal to an alternative dispute resolution entity (hereinafter referred to as the ADR entity) according to the Act no. 391/2015 Coll. of Laws. The ADR entities are bodies and authorized legal entities according to §3 Act no. 391/2015 Coll. of Laws. The proposal can be submitted by the consumer according to the method specified in the §12 Act no. 391/2015 Coll. of Laws.

The consumer can also submit the complaint via platform for alternative dispute resolution RSO that is available online here. Alternative dispute resolution can be only used by consumer – natural person who does not act within the scope of their business, employment or occupation during concluding and fulfilling the consumer contract.
Alternative dispute resolution relates only to the dispute between the consumer and the seller, resulting from the consumer contract or related to the consumer contract. The alternative dispute resolution relates only to distance contracts. Alternative dispute resolution does not relate to disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed 20 EUR. The ADR entity can charge the consumer with a fee for starting the alternative dispute resolution to the maximum amount of 5 EUR including VAT.

11. Final Provisions

We reserve the right to change or amend these Terms and Conditions, if it is required due to change of trade policy or valid legislation.

Any modifications are valid after their publication on www.sestrice.com.

Legal matters resulting from a sale contract are bound by the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of sale.

All legal relationships between the seller and the buyer that are not explicitly governed by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by provisions of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Consumer Protection Act, the Consumer Protection Act on the sale of goods or provision of services on the basis of a distance contract or other legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

These Terms and Conditions will enter into force and effect on 1st July 2023. 5. 2021.

©2023 Sestrice, Ltd. All rights reserved. Any use of the content – as a whole or its parts – in particular the reproduction and distribution of texts, pictures, photographs or samples in any mechanical or electronic manner without prior written permission from Sestrice Ltd. is prohibited.