What is the Ring Sling?

It is a great addition to your wrap or soft structured carrier – handy, space-saving and quick assistant during babywearing.

Sestrice Ring Sling
Due to its characteristics the Ring Sling will help you with:
  • Quick moves (from a house to a car and back, to a shop, …)
  • short carrying of small walkers who like to run, then take a short rest, then run, and over again
  • quick wrapping of a child – Ring Sling is even faster than a full buckle carrier
  • carrying children who are curious, leaning from the wrap in need of a better view – in the Ring Sling you can carry your child on your hip, enabling your little one to see almost everything because it can see ahead in the direction of walking, to the side and back
  • tandem breastfeeding, when you only need to slightly move one child to the side, which will free your other breast for breastfeeding the second child
  • babywearing of twins (two Ring Slings are necessary)
  • breastfeeding in a wrap with smaller breasts, when babies sometimes tend to twist their head too much to one side – in the Ring Sling you just move the child to the breast while its body remains in axis
  • “babywearing strike” – when being carried in front, your child suddenly pushes away from you, screams and protests when being put into wrap and tied, bending over, making it impossible for you to tie the wrap
  • “breastfeeding strike” – hip carrying in a Ring Sling offers the baby more freedom while still remaining close to the mother and breasts – this combination stimulates and helps the need to be breastfed which subsequently stimulates milk production
Moreover, the vertical tail of the wrap that comes out of rings can serve as a support for the head of the child when it falls asleep. You can also use it for a very discrete breastfeeding, cover the legs of your child if it’s cold or use it as a scarf or protection of your chest in a colder weather.

If you are interested in Ring Slings, check our current offer or instructions how to use them.