Sestrice Carrier

Adjustable ergonomic carrier

Suitable for children from 3 months of age, this carrier grows with your baby as long as it is necessary. Its construction secures the fullest comfort both for the baby and the babywearer and is beneficial for healthy development of hip joints and spine. The shoulder straps system ShoulderComfort reduces the weight of the child and distributes it evenly. Every detail of the Sestrice Carrier is carefully thought out and precisely manufactured. We believe that the safety and health of your children are of the highest priority, thus the carrier was made of certified materials and all its parts meet the strict European directive for soft structured carriers.

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ShoulderComfort shoulder system

Sophisticated system of the ShoulderComfort shoulder straps is made of complementary components. Comfortably shaped shoulder straps are connected with magnetic buckle that makes its fastening and unfastening very easy. The connecting strap moves on the rails that evenly transfer the weight of your child.

The shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped to effectively distribute the weight of the child. Due to their shape they securely hold even on the narrowest shoulders and thus their crossing is not necessary. Moreover, their comfortable filling prevents pressing and cutting into shoulders.

The rails serve for fixing and setting the location of the connecting strap so the babywearing is always comfortable for you. They evenly distribute the weight of the child along the whole length of the shoulder straps; this system prevents their deformation and helps the shoulder straps to better fit the body of the babywearer.

The magical magnetic principle of the buckle enables you to fasten it using only one hand. The buckle itself holds securely and tightly and you can unfasten it in a snap.

Simple and comfortable adjusting

The height and width of the body of the carrier can be adjusted to fit your child. The body panel grows with your child to secure the right position and comfort at all times. The proper technique for setting the Sestrice Carrier can be found in our video tutorial. You can also check out how to avoid the most common mistakes when babywearing in a soft structured carrier.

The width of the body of the carrier can be adjusted by pulling buckles and integrated straps. When the body is fully shrunk, the so called “second waist belt” is created where you can comfortably seat your child. Due to thickness and strength of the straps you need not worry it would loosen up or trouble your child.

Adjusting the height of the body of the carrier was made very easy thanks to additional “thumb buckle” that can be also used for clipping a chew toy or a regular toy.

Sestrice Carrier.

The basic Sestrice Carrier will last as long as you need it. You can start using it when your child is at least 3 months old and the carrier will grow with your baby thanks to adjustable and variable body of the carrier. It can easily carry a one and a half year old toddler. Thanks to huge variability of the waist belt – from 62 cm to 127 cm (24 to 50 inches) – the carrier is able to fit every body type.

If you are looking for a carrier for a child that is 70 cm (27.5 inches) tall (some kids reach this height at 8 months) or more that you plan to continue wearing intensely, the Sestrice Carrier Plus is the right choice for you. This bigger model distributes the weight of the child even better and thanks to adjustable body panel will grow with your toddler up to three or four years of age. When choosing the right size you can consider the dimensions of both versions. With the right size of the carrier you should always be able to adjust it so that it fits the child perfectly and the fabric spreads from knee to knee, just like you can see on our product photos.

Comfort of a wrap.
Effectiveness of a carrier.

Years of experience gained by searching for ideal fabric properties for our baby wraps helped us to find the perfect combination of fabric and weave type that gave rise to the most ideal material for a baby carrier. Compared to other fabric, this material much better adapts to both the body of a child and the baby wearer. The fabric is flexible and firm enough at the same time to provide the softness and comfort of a baby wrap in a form of a full buckle carrier.

Slovak design

Design fabrics for the Sestrice Carrier are well known from our wraps. When creating the patterns we often get inspired by traditional motives and ornaments. This way we wish to remind people of the history of babywearing and bring it back into our lives.

In this design the minimalism meets bubbly playfulness. Keep your head (and your baby!) in the Clouds and your feet on the ground :). Parents can be daydreamers too – with adventures ahead to experience together.

A designer and a mother-of-two, Hana naturally enjoys multipurpose products. This landscape-designed carrier was created to carry your baby AND provide a play mat for car toys to drive across.

Regularly repeating geometric shapes united in one whole create a very interesting, illusional-like structure, making this carrier a timeless urban minimalist.

An inspiration for this design was one of the most popular folk lullabies. Seeing that babywearing is very often used when putting our children to sleep – plus we all know about the soothing effects of the poppy seeds - in combination with singing and gentle swaying, this is an unbeatable power.

A forest. A place where everything slows down, giving you the energy you lust for; a place where both your mind and your body can finally take a rest. From now on, when putting your baby to sleep, you can listen to hoopoes or robin singing, with a stag-beetle gently scratching your baby's back while the magic scent of lime, dog rose and shepherd's purse will protect its dreams. For all lovers of mountains, woodlands and nature, we present you - the FOREST.

The rooster has always been perceived as a guardian. People believed it will protect their grange and their family as well. At the same time the rooster was used as a symbol of fertility and was given as a wedding gift or after a child was born. Now our Roosters can protect your children as well.

Soothing, flavoured, fresh, healing your body and soul… so are the Herbs. This pattern is made of a mix of dandelion, thyme, nettle, lemon balm and elder.

Inspiration for this wonderful pattern was found in traditional technology of blueprint and floral ornaments. Via stylization of various motives into a new form this captivating design was born.

The minimalistic geometric design is a tribute to natural beauties of our country. From the great mountain peaks of Tatras to the massive stream of Danube :)

The dreaming forest animals will help all tired babies to fall asleep and make you fall in love with babywearing and the magic of closeness. A deer, a teddy bear, a fox and a bunny – four friends, four dream guardians, making sure your baby sleeps well.

The highest quality
for the littlest ones

When creating the Sestrice Carrier we use our own fabrics with safety certificate for children under 3 years. Buckles and straps come from European suppliers and are also certified by the highest standards of chemical and mechanical safety Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Breathable waist belt

Almost 200 holes in perforated foam filling of the waist belt helps the air to circulate especially when babywearing during hot summer months. This system increases your thermal comfort while the waist belt still retains strong and firm enough.

Variable protection of the shoulder straps

Simple shape and construction of the protective sleeves will enable you to choose your own style of using them, the one that suits you the best. Opening and closing mechanism is made via three snaps which prevents their spontaneous opening in the middle part and is friendly to the carrier fabrics unlike the usage of the Velcro system.

When all snaps are closed the sleeve obtains a cylindrical shape that protects the shoulder strap.

The last snap opened enables you to slip down the sleeve a little, thus creating protection for the upper part of the body of the carrier.

Securing the head of a child

If your little one falls asleep in the carrier or still is not able to hold the head firmly you can always support it with the hood. When the hood is not needed, it can be easily put off and set aside.

Certified safety

Just like we care about the quality of used materials we also deem important the very safety of the carrier construction. Thus we have had the Sestrice Carrier tested in accredited European laboratory and we are safe to say it met the strict criteria for mechanical, chemical and flammable safety measurements and obtained the certificate under the Standard EN 13209-2: 2015 Soft Structured Carriers.

All you need

When you order your Sestrice Carrier, besides the carrier itself we will also send you a hood and two protective sleeves for the shoulder straps in a chosen design. When not babywearing, you can backpack your carrier in a very handy bag that comes with it as well.