Smart Dress 04 Pumpkin Spice

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The improved Smart Dress 04 cut is here!

This new model comes with an extended skirt to keep you a bit warmer during these cold days, and also with longer sleeves that can be
rolled up nicely if needed. Moreover, we made the back more narrow and the sleeves more feminine without too much bulkiness.  

We just love linen ❤️ According to the ambient temperature, it warms you or cools you and has antibacterial properties. This linen fabric has a special non-chemical finish so it is supple and soft.

Model 04 from Smart Fashion collection has coconut buttons alongside its entire length. The dress can be worn with the buttons on your back or in front – depends on your style or breastfeeding needs. A long belt and a wrap application that are part of the dress will underline and compliment your figure. Practical pockets are a must-have for outfits for mums!

Designed and made with love in Slovakia.

Dress size  XS/S  M/L
Bust   94 cm  104 cm  
Waist  84 cm   94 cm 
Bicep   50 cm    51 cm
Length  101 cm   103 cm

Fabric composition: 100% linen

Loomstate weight: 205 g/m2

Weave type: Woven fabric

Washing: Machine wash at 40 degrees

Drying: Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and a source of heat.

Ironing: Temperature for linen.