Smart Skirt 01 Magenta

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The Sestrice skirt is finally here! Enjoy its beautiful magenta colour.

And as always, we have made it smart ;)
This one size skirt has coconut buttons alongside its entire length (68 cm), and its waistline is adjustable and ranges from 60cm to 90cm. How is that possible? Inside there is a rubber strap with holes and buttons to easily adjust the skirt on your body. The back side of the skirt is elastic.

Made of 100% linen, soft and delicate; a piece you can wear all year round.

Fabric composition: 100% linen

Loomstate weight: 205 g/m2

Weave type: Woven fabric

Washing: Machine wash at 40 degrees

Drying: Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and a source of heat.

Ironing: Temperature for linen.